The Internet as a Plant

Within this brief of acting out the internet I wanted to tackle the nature of the internet as a constantly growing plant. A plant with interconnecting roots and networks, an endlessly growing archive, a positive organic human made structure. We make it grow with every tweet we post.

The final piece is a terrarium managed by two motors that react to the word “seed” when posted on twitter, this will trigger the motors to release and distribute a seed inside the terrarium. A process looking at the real time implications of hashtags and the virtual online world, a human unconsciously triggers the growth of a plant. Essentially I am proposing a scenario where the archive of the internet and nature itself grow simultaneously. Making nature and technology work together has not yet been pursued successfully, but stays an ultimate destiny of humans.

A project that is acting out and performing the internet through a self run system using digital happenings to produce real actions. A positive notion and speculation on how mass data or the internet can create something real and rewording for our planet.

An improved future version of this project might include more variables like light and water so that the terrarium itself becomes completely run by unpredictable inputs and uploads on twitter.